Online auction

The Breeding Committee is now ready for the third online auction that will include 6 tested bulls from the National Test Station in Aalestrup .

Thursday's bull NO.: NR: 1342 Agropartners Igor

Igor has finished the test with a result middelt T: 100 D: 101 FEF: 95, he is also intersected with the entire 83-84-85-85, a height of 1.41 m and yeat weight 609 kg. These figures cover a very fine bull hanging incredibly well together.

Father, Agro Partners Godtfred is an individual tested bull by Thy Sullivan and was recently ranked by 89-87-88-90. In the family tree you will also find Graham Samson and Andrupgård Hof.


Bulls on the list named with Test .... created with the aim that you can try to offer non-binding - please try - it's easy .

Also, use the buttons below to find information about the auction terms and conditions and instructions for use of the online auction.

Danish breeding comitte
Type Date of birth S-index Navn CHR-nr Father´s name Mother´s name Mother´s Father´s name Owner Auction end time Current bid Next minimum bid
Tyrekalv Test 30 Test 30 Test 30 Test 30 Test 30 Test 30 Test 30 Dansk Limousine Forening 31-12-2018 18000 Dkk 18500 Dkk


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