Danish Limousin Association

Here you will find some general informations about
the Limousin Association in Denmark

Danish Limousin Association performs the following tasks

  • The Danish Limousine breeding program
  • Performance testing of breeding bulls
  • Production of semen and sales 
  • Import / export of breeding stock, embryos and semen
  • Breeding advice to members
  • Advice on buying and selling between members
  • Run the scoring program
  • Publish the Danish Limousine magazine
  • Shows and exhibitions
  • Course activities
March 30th at Sønderskov Museum, Brørup   Download catalog...
March 24th at Sønderskov Museum, Brørup...
30th of June at the National Show in Herning...

Dansk Limousine Forening - Agro Food Park 15 - 8200 Århus N - 87 40 52 99 - CVR: 72778413 - info@dansklimousine.dk