How do I shop at online auction

How do I get permission to bid

You must be a registered bidder. All members of the Danish Limousine Association is pre-set up - check on the above button if you can offer.

Not a member you can ask for the establishment - use the above button and fill out the questionnaire.

Which animals are for sale

All the animals on the list is for sale. The animals that are on the list are all approved by the breeding committee  as bull for breeding .

Animals named with Test ... is for testing purposes , and here you are welcome to try to make a bid and get a feel for how it works. The aim is that the auction on the test bulls are reset once every day.

What is the process at the auction

When the animals are visible in the list is the auction of the animal started. The list may include information about when the auction ends , what the current bid is , and what the next minimum bid is.

The Breeding Committee has fixed starting price, minimum spring of next bid and a possible minimum selling price. These are entered in the system before the start of the auction . Minimum selling price can not be seen.

Once you have submitted bids for an animal , you get a confirmation on the screen and you receive an email information as well. Once you have made a bid, you automatically are informed via SMS and email if others come with a higher bid on the same animal.

Given that bid less than 30 minutes before the auction expired , the auction is extended automatically 30 minutes from the time of the bid, so that you can react with a new bid if you are outbid.

You can see you own bid , but you can not see who the other bidders are , only what the price offered is on .

Once the auction has ended will receive the highest bidder information that he had obtained the animal. Other bidders receive information if they are outbid , as well as a thank you for participating .

By the day after the auction has ended buyers will be contacted by a member of the breeding committee .

I need help 

On open house day on 25 January there will be several members of the breeding committee present with computers that answers questions.

In addition, you can contact Helge Bay-Smidt on 


If urgent on mobile +45 40 58 94 94 

Complain and Praise 

If you have any complains or praise or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to send an email with these to Helge Bay-Smidt on 


Additional Information 

Be sure to read the terms and conditions.


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