Terms and condition

Signing Up

Danish Limousine Association breeding commitee and all active members of Danish Limousine Association can sign up their individually tested bulls for auction.

On the day of the auction a final settlement for the test must be ready, the bull must be parent-determined and stay at Ålestrup Breeding Station. Furthermore, the Breeding Commitee has to approve of the animal's quality as fit for breeding.


When animals for the auction are being approved the seller must sign a written agreement on minimum price, semen rights, conditions of payment, etc.


The auction is open to all approved buyers, regardless of membership in Danish Limousine Association.


The seller pays a fee for signing up, DKK 1500,- (without photography whether the animal is sold or not).

The buyer pays 3 percent of the bidding sum in fee.


Danish Limousine Association conducts the billing of the buyer, and paying the seller.

Note that the animal cannot leave Ålestrup Breeding Station until the all fees and bidding sum is payed/settled.


The seller is responsible for the animal on auction being true and real.

Semen rigths

Rights to semen that are produced after the auction follows the bull. If the seller wants to retain rights to future production af semen, it must be notified in written to the auction management while registering the bull for auction. It should be stated in the contract, the purchaser shall sign immediately after the auction.

Bulls approved for the Danish Limousine Society programme may not be put into semen production again without agreement with the Danish Limousine Association.

Minimum Price

Seller shall upon registration of the animal, state minimum price for the animal at the auction.

Auction process 

When the auction takes place automatically via the Internet and underlying IT applications, there can happen adverse eventsDanish Limousine Association reserves the right to reopen an auction completelynor in part, if the auction responsible detect such events. Such alteration can only be made in consultation with and with the approval of the association's chairman. Stakeholders will be contacted as soon as possible, including the seller and biddersThe starting point for reversal is always to put the association and its members as fair as possible.


Responsibilities for the animal lies with the seller until the auctions ending. After the auction it is the buyer’s responsibility.

It should be noted that the animal while staying at Aalestrup Breeding Station are insured to the applicable rules.


Danish Limousine Association arranges transport in Denmark (Jutland and the islands connected with bridges) at a fixed price.

Export of animals

Buyer pays the same fee and transport cost as a Danish buyer. Buyer also pays all costs of quarantine, housing, care, feeding and veterinary costs.

Buyer is responsible for arranging and paying transportation from the quarantine stable to the destination abroad.

Danish Limousine Association can be of help to provide a quarantine stable.


Any disagreement and dispute about animals that are trade in the auction shall be settled by arbitration.

The following procedure for appointment of arbitrator is agreed:

Each party shall appoint one arbitrator. When one party has appointed its arbitrator and given notice to the other party, If the other party has not appointed it’s arbitrator within 7 days then the first party is entitled to also appoint the other arbitrator.

If no agreement is reached the arbitrators may appoint an umpire, appointed by the local civil judge in the owners jurisdiction. Each party shall be entitled to submit in writing twice its observations, and has only 14 days each time to reply unless the arbitrators shall authorize a longer period.

The arbitrators provides in addition, its own procedures, including the evidence, and whether there must be set a hearing.

Once the arbitration has taken the case to order, it is obliged, within four weeks  thereafter to issue the warrant. The arbitration shall determine in its judgment, who should pay the costs associated with the proceedings. In this context, while also taken account of who loses the case in whole or in part.  

The final judgment handed down in the case, can not be brought before the ordinary courts.


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